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D E T A I L S  A N D

Vertically mounted swing doors made of steel

Versatility and elegance combined - with the highest demand on design and function

With the Rotary-Line, Buchele presents its latest innovation: vertically mounted swing doors made of steel, which can be used multifunctionally as object, sound or fire protection doors.
And: They set new standards in versatility and aesthetics. Unlike normally mounted doors and gates, the Rotary-Line doors are connected to the ceiling and floor by concealed hinges at the top and bottom of the door leaf. When opening, the door leaf elegantly rotates around its own axis. The door leaf is running so smooth that the door can easily be opened with the elbow or the hip without any problems – even with multiple function options. The optional concealed hydraulic door closing system ensures that the door closes again by itself when required. Thanks to the special design of the Rotary-Line doors, no hinges are visible. At the same time, the design of the doors can be individually adapted to the architecture and interior design of the building or room. There are no limits to the design possibilities. Thus, they appear invisible when closed, but offer a unique spatial effect when opened.

Extensive additional functions

Rotary-Line doors by Buchele are suitable for versatile use in private rooms, offices, public buildings, museums, restaurants, stores and much more. They serve as front doors, interior doors and room dividers, but can also be used as a rotating wall or a rotating shelf. With suitable hinges, it is possible to install even heavy XXL door leaves. Rotary line doors by Buchele are characterized by quality - also in terms of their properties. The doors can be equipped with extensive additional functions such as explosion and bullet resistance.