Fire Retardant Steel Doors

Fire Retardant Steel Doors

PLANE Line-Series Doors
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To meet continually rising international demands BUCHELE has all fire protection doors tested in authorized institutes in Germany, Austria and France. The doors are fitted as complete elements in fully functional condition in the test stand and are facing a defined fire behavior. Due to various test programs in the different institutes we can offer a wide range of possible combinations. This enables us to find the right solution for you even on complex requirements.

By the way: External and internal audits guarantee a high reliability and operational safety of the BUCHELE doors.

BUCHELE DELUXE Zeichenfläche 1  Individual Surfaces: BUCHELE DELUXE

The steel doors by BUCHELE can be painted in any RAL-color. If required we can use different materials – for instance stainless steel.

NEW is the possibility to use particularly appealing coatings or design elements on the steel doors and yet still meet the certified requirements. BUCHELE can choose from a wide variety of materials and structures – starting from original wood from the Alps to copper look, mosaic elements and similar effects.   
Let our new Edition BUCHELE DELUXE inspire you. Provide your customers the opportunity to give demandingly designed rooms an ultimate finish with our high-performance doors. See more: »BUCHELE DELUXE

We will be pleased to provide you with construction data

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DWG data for your planning can be obtained from us uncomplicated. Please contact our architects' consultants.


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