LM-Line: Highly sound insulating aluminum-roller-shutters

LM-Line: Highly sound insulating aluminum-roller-shutters

Highly sound insulating roller shutters up to 38 dB

Buchele doors and gates presents the next generation of innovative roller shutter with a high degree of individualisation options. The innovative construction consisting of patented single sections in sandwich design offer exceptional opportunities regarding sound insulation.


With its innovative and multifunctional roller shutters BUCHELE takes an additional step: The full expertise and entire experience of the specialist combined with the technical opportunities of aluminium have been contributed in the development of these gates. The door blades of the multifunctional roller shutters are flush on both sides and consists of 60 mm thick extruded aluminium profiles. The innovative patented segments are 160 mm high, assembled in sandwich construction and closed off with galvanized end pieces. With the particularly resistant and yet still flexible construction the single segments may be equipped with all available functions and if required they can be exchanged individually at any time. Furthermore, each single segment is provided with an integrated sealing profile that guarantees the impermeability of the door when completely closed.

The innovative roller shutters by BUCHELE are available in a sound insulating version up to 38 dB. This function is tested according EN ISO 10140-2. Depending on requirement and use the versions may be equipped with additional functions.

The multifunctional roller shutter are currently available in size range up to 6000 mm wide and 6000 mm in height. Larger dimensions are currently in planning and may be implemented upon consultation. The opening and closing of the gate is carried out by a 400 V three-phase drive with integrated maintenance-free and wear-free, speed-independent safety catch that is installable at any position. Emergency opening by emergency manual chain.


Individual design of the surfaces

In order to protect the roller shutter blade from mechanical traces of movement and scratches on the blade BUCHELE supplies a belt system that. The standard door blade surface is bright raw. Furthermore, protective and specially designed rubber lips permit that the multifunctional roller shutters can be painted or printed on without affecting the function of the roller shutter. The Deluxe-Design-Line by BUCHELE will be continued beyond the classic steel doors and gates also for the newly launched roller shutters. This is of particular importance for security sensitive properties with representational character: Due to the individual design the doors may inconspicuously disappear in the architectural structure of the building but will furthermore meet the desired requirements and safety.


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